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Hercules Ezy Slide Bags 15PK

Hercules Medium Storage Bags 15pk


Medium sized Leak Proof bags with the Ezy Slide resealable technology, are the best bags in the business to keep things fresh and protect them from the harsh elements.

Store sandwiches and other lunch items, both to keep them fresh and protect them from books and pens in your bag. And they also keep odours inside the bag, for you tuna loving people out there.

•Protect your smart phone from getting wet.

•An easy and cheap piping bag for icing cupcakes.

•Marinade! Put meat and marinade ingredients into the bag and then store overnight in the fridge.

•Clean your shower head. Fill with white vinegar, and wrap around your shower head for a good clean.

•Packing air bags- have something valuable and fragile? Inflate these bags and fill a box. Easy fragile protection.

Can you think of other uses?

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