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Global Gizmos Mini Games Series 2

Global Gizmos Mini Games Series 2

Fun games for all the family. Get around the dinner table and play or in the backseat on a long car journey. There are some classic board games here something for everyone.
• Snakes & Ladders – 4 players and a spinner. Easy to play in a car trip.
• Link 4- a 2 player classic to get 4 counters in a row.
• Dominos- set them up and see them tumble
• Tensation – a numbers game. Can you get a whole run from 1 to 10?
• Topple – score points by piling up your counters but be careful not to topple the board over!
• Spin n Hop- Get your coloured counters around the board first. But don’t get jumped on by your opposition!

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