Rectangle Black Gift Box Sizes 10-11

SKU: 30071109

The Reject Shop have a vast range of gift boxes for you, in an incredible array of sizes. They are the perfect solution when your present is an odd shape, or you just don't have the time to wrap something up.What's in the black box? There's a playful sense of mystery with a black gift box. Great for Halloween, or for a classy gift for your partner you've saved up for all year. Black boxes also look good when stored on shelves. Black goes with everything, so they say.Now we've got to the size box which appeal to cats. This sized box and up, if you're not careful, cats will sit. Or, if you want your cat away from you while working on the laptop, boxes are the perfect bait. True story.Letters and notebooks fit well into the boxes of this size. You can keep your journals stashed away from prying eyes.
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