Size 6-7 Gift Box Mint

SKU: 30071010

The Reject Shop have a vast range of gift boxes for you, in an incredible array of sizes. They are the perfect solution when your present is an odd shape, or you just don't have the time to wrap something up.These are mint coloured boxes. A lovely, pastel neutral colour suitable for any range of occasions and uses. Looks good in the pantry, under the sink in the bathroom, even storage in the spare room.These are boxes sized 5 and 6. A bit bigger, more storage room, still that classy white with gold spots. You can fit more gifts in here, or a bigger present to truly show your appreciation.The storage options are getting bigger too. This size fits a raft of colour pencils and sharpeners. When you're getting arty, just reach for this box for all your colour pencil needs.
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