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The Reject Shop is a funny name. Is the stock faulty?

No. Our first store opened in South Yarra, Victoria in 1981. This shop sold ‘seconds’ and discontinued lines, hence The Reject Shop name. Today however, we no longer sell seconds and only some of our products are discontinued lines. We have adopted our current formula for low prices and bargains on the everyday things people use most in their life.

I've seen a 'Parallel Import' symbol on some items in your catalogues, what does this mean?

These are genuine branded products, but they may differ in design, materials and formulation from similar products currently offered locally. They do not have the support of the official Australian distributor but The Reject Shop supports these products with its normal trading warranty.

If my purchase is damaged or faulty, what is The Reject Shop’s returns policy?

The Reject Shop has a "hassle-free" refund and exchange policy. The Reject Shop will provide a refund on presentation of the product and proof of purchase. If the customer cannot provide proof of purchase, then a refund or exchange for another product may be offered at store management discretion.

What is the acceptable method of payments in stores?

The accepted methods of payment at The Reject Shop is cash, visa, mastercard and EFTPOS card. Please note that we do not accept cheque payments.

Do you give cash out at your stores?

 You can get cash out at any register when paying for your purchase with EFTPOS.

Are any of the stores franchised?
No, all stores are 100% company owned.
How many people does The Reject Shop employ?

The Reject Shop employs over 1,200 full time staff and over 4,700 casual and part time staff. During the busy Christmas trading season, several hundred more casual staff are employed.

I’m looking for work with a vibrant retailer. How can I apply for a job at The Reject Shop?

For Shop Assistant roles, the best way to apply is to visit a store and ask the Store Manager. Stores are responsible for hiring their own team members. If you are looking for a management role please email a copy of your resume to recruitmentmanager@rejectshop.com.au.

All our current vacancies are listed in our careers section of this website.


How do I become a supplier to The Reject Shop?

Phone our buying office on (03) 9371 5555 and ask to speak to the relevant buyer. You can also read the Information for Suppliers page on this website.

I am already a supplier. How do I organise a delivery to the Distribution Centre?

You will find all the information you need to make a successful delivery to one our DC’s on the Delivery Requirements page of this website.

I am already a supplier. How do I organise a direct delivery to the Stores?

Some direct orders are required to be delivered to our Distribution Centres however most deliveries can be made directly to the store without any prior contact. Store contacts are available on the Store Locator page on this website if required. Please note that some stores have delivery curfew times. Please contact the appropriate buyer if you are unsure of your required delivery point or time.

Why does The Reject Shop not display all products on the website?

The Reject Shop is a variety store with a constantly changing product offer, therefore quite often our stocks are limited and available for a short period of time. As such, The Reject Shop do not display all products on the website.

Will The Reject Shop sell online?

The Reject Shop understands the growth of online shopping, however the business' current focus is opening up new stores throughout Australia.