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5 Easy ways to Clean up the Children’s Room

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5 Easy ways to Clean up the Children’s Room

Keeping your children entertained during this time of isolation and during the holidays can be a challenge. Having them play in their rooms with their toys is fantastic, but at the end of the day, it can be a challenge to tidy up. Why should they tidy up when they're going to play with them again tomorrow? Who hasn’t heard that before? The Reject Shop is going to give you 5 ways to make cleaning the toys up into the toy boxes fun.

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27 Jul 2023

Gamifying tasks, which is turning chores or educational activities into games, is great for productivity and getting people to participate and learn things without realising it. Turning the tidying up of the toys into a game, a fun activity could have your children looking forward to the task. And with more than one way to do it, they won’t tire of the same game every day.

1. The Floor is Lava!

We’ve all heard of the game about how the floor is lava. You need to get around the room without touching the ground. If you did, you’d burn up in the lava. OH NO!!

This same game can be played with tidying up. You can place towels on the floor, cushions as well. These are islands and are safe. Your kids have to jump from island to island and save their toys.

EXTRA CHALLENGE – there is a ticking clock. Every 30 seconds, or every 60 seconds, the Lava Monster (mum or dad) will appear and eat one of the islands.

Any toy that is not tidied up before all the islands are gone is eaten by the lava and the kids don’t get to play with them tomorrow. This is an optional rule of course.


2. Red v Blue          

Divide the room into halves, as best as you can. Try and make the teams fair. Or, you can have parents versus children.

You start the timer, and the first side to clean all their toys from the floor into the toy storage box is the winner and gets the prize!

We do encourage the parents to be competitive, but just that little bit slower than their kids, of course.


Photo by Marisa Howenstine on Unsplash

3. The Parent Monster

The parent starts in the corner of the room. Every five seconds, or ten seconds, they take a step. The children must tidy up the toys around the monster. If the monster manages to reach and grab a child, they’re out.

If the kids manage to clean their toys without getting caught by the monster they win a prize!

Parents, you can be as scary as you want to be. We also encourage you to be a tickle monster.


4. The Cleaning Song

You need to find a fun and upbeat song to play, one with a lot of energy. The challenge is to get all the toys into the toy box before the song is finished. If they do this, they get a prize! Yay! IF they miss some toys then these toys are gone for a day. Optional, of course.

This is a fun game, and we encourage dancing and singing along to the music as well. Perhaps the kids get to choose the music?


5. Guessing Game

This is for 2 or more players. All children start outside the room. The first child comes in and tidies up one toy. The other children have to come in and guess which toy was tidied up.

If they can’t guess in a time limit, the child who tidied up gets a point.

If they DO guess the toy which was tidied, they get a point, and it is their turn to tidy up a toy when everyone is out of the room.

Continue until all toys are tidied up. Of course, it gets easier to guess the fewer toys are left to tidy up.

OVERTIME! The Basketball game

This one is a simple little game. As long as the toys aren’t breakable, then the aim of the game is to throw the toys into the toy box to score points. The further away from the box you are, the more points it is worth.

The winner is the child with the most points, and they win a prize!

Trick shots can be worth double points.


Gamifying and making the task of cleaning up the toys fun, with rewards for the winner, is a great way to have your kids clean up at the end of the day and even look forward to the job tomorrow.

If you have any other ideas for cleaning the toy room which is fun, let us know in the comments below or through our social media - @therejectshop on Facebook and Instagram.

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