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DIY Dream Jar

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DIY Dream Jar

Looking for some fun crafty ideas? Why not try and make your very own Dream Jar?! Not only does it look amazing, but it's a really fun activity to do with the kids and also makes a cute gift idea too.

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3 Aug 2023

Materials you will need:

  • Cotton balls - you’ll need a lot to ensure there is enough to soak up the water and paint

  • Water
  • A few disposable plastic cups for mixing paint with the water
  • Wooden sticks for stirring




Take 3-4 plastic cups and half fill each with water.

Then, add paint to the water - one colour per cup, put aside. We used glitter paint, however, we would recommend also using some plain acrylic paint to intensify the colours - this can also be added at the end if needed which is what we have done.

Next, take your mason jar and decide how many layers you wish to do based on the amount of colours. We just chose three: Pink, purple and silver.

Layer the bottom of the mason jar with cotton balls.

Next add the glitter.

Pour in some of the coloured water, don’t use it all at once. Use the wooden stick to mix in, add some more cotton balls and water colour as required.

Repeat the previous three steps using your next chosen colours until you have reached the top of the jar.

Take the wooden stick and push down on the cotton balls and try to mix the colours around a little in the jar. Again, depending on the look you want to achieve, you can mix it a lot if you want the colours to run into each-other more, or just mix lightly so the colours remain more layered. If you feel you need some more colour, add a few drops of acrylic paint into the jar at the end and mix it carefully and slowly. We added a dash of blue and pink acrylic paint to ours at the end.

Final touches to your jar

You can tie a pretty ribbon around the top of your jar and add a label with your ‘dreams’ if you wish.

And there you have it, your Dream Jar is complete! ? ?

The best thing about this is that you can create multiple different versions and can play around with different colours depending on the effect you are trying to achieve. Here are some colour palette suggestions that you can try:

Tropical – Blue, Green, Yellow

Unicorn – Pink, Purple, Blue, Green

Rainbow – Red, Green, Blue, Yellow

Galaxy - Dark Blue, Pink, Green

Now it's your turn...

Making a Dream Jar is very easy, cost-effective, and fun, and the end result looks great! Have fun and be sure to tag us in your own creations on Facebook, or Instagram, we would love to see how your DIY dream jars turn out. If you have any extra tips, be sure to let us know below.


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