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Peter Morrissey Bedroom Makeover On a Budget


Peter Morrissey Bedroom Makeover On a Budget

It’s your private space, a room not everyone gets to see. And that’s OK. But, it can lead to your sanctuary becoming a style-free zone. It’s time to turn your boudoir into a place visitors can stumble into without you freaking out. Prepare to create a retreat you’ll adore, for way less than you’d imagine.

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3 Aug 2023

Your step-by-step guide to a gorgeous Peter Morrissey inspired bedroom

Step 1

Take a photo of your bedroom, warts and all. Just a quick snap will do, like this example. It’s fun to see how far you’ve come once you’ve finished. That’s the hard part. Now let the fun begin…

Step 2

Time to get creative with our Peter Morrissey Home Collection, only at The Reject Shop. Choose a colour scheme to suit your furnishings, floors and walls. Cool shades create an airy feel and warmer tones a cosy vibe. Keeping it simple never goes out of fashion so you can’t go wrong with basics in this season’s on-trend colours.

Step 3

Love them all? Perfect! Layering different colours can give your bed a designer edge. At only $25 for a Queen Cotton Jersey Quilt Cover and $45 for a 400 thread count Queen Australian Cotton Sheet Set, you can pick up a few of your faves. Try white sheets, with contrasting grey quilt cover for a relaxed look. Add some faux fur pillows for a touch of luxe perfection. Lean towards darker tones in the cooler months and fresher shades when it’s hot hot hot.

Step 4

Now your bed is looking fab, it’s time to declutter. Ruthlessly. Strip it back to furniture only. Bed, bedside table – but not much more than that. Be selective about what goes back in and gets a starring role in your marvellous bedroom makeover.

Step 5

In or out? Really consider if your accessories complement your new look. A clean minimalistic approach can be soothing. For ambience, try adding a pop of colour to move your eye around the room. A statement cushion, lush green artificial plant or candle & diffuser set for $15 can work beautifully.

Step 6

Add a throw like a pro. Throws lend themselves to a relaxed approach. They can be neat, symmetrical and formal but for your bedroom, keep it casual. The Waffle Throw by Peter Morrissey, at a serene $15, is made for the job. Fold your throw in half lengthways, then drape and place on the end of your bed. Add an extra pleat or two if it’s too straight or even. ‘Perfectly imperfect’ is the look you’re going for.

Step 7

Dial up the luxury with some 5-star hotel details. Don’t just fold your towels, style them in minutes. The quick chic roll lets embroidered details star. Place on your guests’ beds for VIP treatment, or store in a woven basket in your bathroom for everyday resort style. Get the look with the Australian Cotton Peter Morrissey range, from only $5 and $12 each.

Step 8

You deserve a rest, in your AMAZING reimagined bedroom. Before you go messing up the bed, take a photo and share it with your friends including the hashtag #petermorrisseymakeover #therejectshop

Check out the high-quality designer range by Peter Morrissey Home and makeover your bedroom, without going over budget. Exclusively at The Reject Shop.

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