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Dt Brown Oriental Radish Seeds 150pc

SKU: 30002152-9


Growing your own fruit and vegetables from home is an incredibly rewarding experience. Contributing to your cooking with a salad from your garden, or herbs to add flavour, is wonderful.

We have all you need to begin your own home garden with pots and potting soil, and a massive range of seeds from D.T. Brown.

For your green salad, you can find spinach seeds, red & green lettuce seeds, rocket, cos lettuce and more.

Thinking of a hearty winter soup? You’ll find some carrot varieties, cauliflower, spring onion, turnips and eggplants amongst the range.

Growing your own herb garden? We can help you there as well, with coriander and chives. There are sage seeds, parsley and some hot cayenne pepper seeds.

All of this home gardening joy comes to you at an incredibly low price. Less than $2 for a packet of seeds, every day, at The Reject Shop. We fight for cheap, for you.

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