Top 5 Beauty Tools Must Haves

Top 5 Beauty Tools Must Haves

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31 Jul 2023

1.Sponge blending

Between the school drop offs, morning meetings, lunch on the go and then after school swimming lessons, your makeup has left you looking like Courtney Love on a good day. We would all love to have a makeup artist at our disposal everyday, but who has the time or money to spare? Sponges are a quick and easy way to blend and smooth your makeup, ensuring your face stays streak-free and your fingers stay clean. Learn how to apply the blender evenly here.

2.Concealer Brush

Had a restless night (or 3) and dark circles under your eyes are becoming more evident? Say goodbye to them as this baby will cover your dark circles and any other imperfections so you can say hello to a flawless fresh look!

3.Foundation Brush

Keep your fingers clean of foundation as this brush will do the work for you. It's a great tool for an all-over even look. It smooths and blends out your foundation whether that's liquid, cream or powder.

4.Powder Brush

The softness and size of the bristles makes this perfect for full face application. This tool is essential to set your foundation and concealer. Using a powder brush to finish off your look, gives you a light cover. You can thank us later when you are hitting the dance floor and there's no need to wipe away your dripping foundation.

5.Eyeshadow Brush

From a fresh work day look to a sultry smokey eye, this brush has your eye blending needs covered. A good tip is to have some cotton buds handy to touch up any imperfections or overspill of the shadow.

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