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5 Savvy Ways To Beautify Your Garden

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5 Savvy Ways To Beautify Your Garden

It’s that time of year again. The air is warm (well, most days at least), the birds are up far too early for your liking and the neighbours are all out mowing, planting and generally looking mighty proud of themselves and their gorgeous summer gardens. Admit it, you’re a bit jealous. You want to dazzle yours too but it’s all a bit too expensive and time consuming.

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23 Jul 2023

1. Go crazy with solar

Now these really vary from the classic, to the kooky. But hey, who doesn’t love a bit of crazy this time of year, right?! Not to mention they’re the perfect alternative to outdoor lights as they preserve power. Solid. Doing it for the environment and the electricity bill. Win win.

2. Colour, colour, colour

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or not watching The Block, you would have noticed that it’s all about colour this season, especially pastels. They’re everywhere, so join the colour craze and re-pot your plants in these yummy plant boxers. Mix it up, go crazy.

3. Bless the mason jar

Let's take a moment to thank the hipsters for making mason jars the cool thang right now!

So, for a bit of a change from the old store-bought plastic herb containers, add a splash of cooool to your kitchen with adorable vintage’esque mason jars. So trendy.

4. Veggie vibes

In keeping with the hipster vibe, it’s all about organic these days. And paleo. But paleo sounds like way too much effort, sorry Pete Evans! So attempt the organic lifestyle with these seeds and grow your own veggies.

Not only is this nutritional but this will also save you money - "Sign me up" we hear?!

Looking for something to pot these in ? Check out our range of planters and pots.

5. Outdoor furniture

Ok, so now that the garden is looking lush and you have a homegrown veggie patch which you can water at night with your peacock solar lights, it’s time to sit back and congratulate your awesomeness. But what on, you ask?

Well, this delightful set might do the trick. So, sit, rest your feet and look around.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

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