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5 Savvy Ways To Freshen Your Home This Summer

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5 Savvy Ways To Freshen Your Home This Summer

The darkness of winter has finally lifted, spring has sprung so it’s time to look around, throw stuff out and get the place looking all shiny again for the silly season. The rellies, friends and neighbours will all want to pop in so have something for them to talk about on the way home. "This is what a winning apartment of The Block looks like" is what you expect them to say. You don’t have to be a fancy interior designer or have a massive budget to play with, just some smart ideas and cute bits n pieces to freshen up, and this will add a bit of zing back into your home.

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23 Jul 2023

1. Flower power

Now, we love fresh flowers and the delightful colour they bring to the home, but it can be an expensive habit to maintain and not to mention how unappealing post dead flower water in the vase is to the eye?! So, why not get some sneaky artificial ones and no one will be the wiser ;)

Not only is this great for filling up empty space but it will also add texture, colour and life to your home.


2.Update artwork

Bare walls? Hideous “feature wall” from the mid nineties you can’t be bothered painting over? We’ve all been there. Adding some bright prints* with a summer flavour is the easiest way to harm the home instantly. This can be anything from nature, a tropical destination or even just having a print with vibrant colours.  This subtle change will add instant personality to your space. Make sure you position perfectly with a bit of space for proper appreciation by your enamoured guests and enjoy making up stories of the time you took the picture.


3. Scents and sensibility

Nothing feels more inviting than having a home that smells fresh; the only problem is your guests may not want to leave. Well, if you want to get your home smelling all warm and delicious, try some essential oils*, scented candles* or jazz up a mason jar* by filling it with potpourri* - How savvy!


4. Update softgoods

Gone are the days of minimalism and chrome, today the look is more homey, comfort and layered. Can you tell that we’re a teensy bit obsessed with home renovation shows?! And you know what? It’s a good thing cause now we can indulge in yummy, comfy throws that work well for snuggling on the couch or even as a brightly coloured rug.



5. Declutter

This is a great opportunity to remove anything that is broken or doesn’t fit the purpose, sorry hubby the 2010 Premiership poster has to go! The great thing about removing chaos is that you can donate the unwanted goods.

We all leave old mags lying around the house, the bathroom, the bedside table and it can soon turn into a junk yard. The problem is, we never want to throw them out because one day we will start that 'How to lose those last 3kgs after Christmas' article in Woman's Day so why not display them in trendy baskets. that way, they are out of the way, plus it’s a great styling method.

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