5 Savvy Ways With Glass Jars

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5 Savvy Ways With Glass Jars

Canisters, glass jars, when did they become part of your style plan for the home?  Gone are the days when they just served one purpose. From storage to centrepieces, we have 5 create ways to use glass jars around the home that are simple and easy ideas anyone can achieve.

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3 Aug 2023

1. Storage in the Kitchen

Glass jars are a great way to store food. They’re air tight, come in a range of sizes and you can see exactly what you have. Add an extra touch; label them with a paint pen or sharpie.

Think pasta, cereal, spices, sugar, coffee and tea bags.


2. Organising the bathroom

Instead of randomly shoving items into drawers, use glass jars to display your items. Remove the lids and sort items you want to keep together.  You can display them on the counters or put them away in cupboards.

  • Smaller jars to hold cotton tips, cotton balls, hair ties, and pins
  • Medium for makeup brushes, razors, and nail files
  • Large is perfect for hair and tooth blushes

With removable lids, really, the list is endless.

3. Functionality

Have you heard about the #saladinajar craze that is all over social media? By putting your ingredients in a jar, you can see all the gorgeous layers come to life in a  jar and with little prep time, you can get organised for the week. Winning!

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If it's not salad, it's granola breaky, whatever you decide it's a great option for when you've got to go go go.


4. Decorative for living spaces

Is your coffee table missing some height? Use glass jars as a vase and fill it up with some fresh blooms. Already this will update your living room. At such savvy prices (starting from $2) you can grab a few more jars and use them for floral arrangements at your next baby or baby shower or even wedding. Event Planner of the Year!

For soft light with no wax accidents, simply place a candle into a jar and light it. These are also great for outside entertaining, as they don’t blow out in the wind.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"] Source - Pinterest[/caption]

Whether you want to create your own terrarium or just want to add some freshness to the home, see your plants grow using glass jars as your plant holder. Plus it's a cost-effective way to bring nature indoors. Simply place it near the window for some natural light and what a gorgeous planter you have there!

5. Sorting in the Office

Stationary now has a home. Draws can be messy and hard to find things when you need them. Storing in jars keeps things neat and tidy, creating a productive workspace. You can even use this idea for the kid’s textas, sewing essentials, or art supplies.

[caption id="attachment_1298" align="alignnone" width="300"] Source - Pinterest[/caption]

We’d love to know what creative solutions you have done or seen. Share with us in the comments below or by hashtagging #RejectShop #GetSavvy in your social posts.

Hero image Photo by Heather Barnes on Unsplash

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