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Top 10 activities for a great Aussie Staycation

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Top 10 activities for a great Aussie Staycation

The summer is upon us. We will have great weather and a great chance to try and relax after the crazy year we’ve had. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to travel out of the state, or the country. You can have a cheap and cheerful staycation right in your own home. We’ll show you the ten best ways to spend your summer at home.

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31 Jul 2023

The summer is upon us. We will have great weather and a great chance to try and relax after the crazy year we’ve had. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to travel out of the state, or the country. You can have a cheap and cheerful staycation right in your own home. We’ll show you the ten best ways to spend your summer at home.

1. Sightseeing in your own town

How well do you know your own neighbourhood or your own council city? Often we leave home and go to work or go to the shops. Rarely do we take time to investigate and explore the streets which surround us. You may find hidden parks or running tracks, historical monuments or even cool little shops and bakeries to satisfy your curiosity.

There are some different ways to explore your own home town.

  • Planning with a Map App
    - Use a Map App on your smart phone. Set random way points on your app.
    - These waypoints can be within walking distance of your home, or you can drive there and walk around
  • Geocaching
    - This is an outdoor activity which combines orienteering and problem solving using geolocation.
    - The aim is to read clues and find hidden treasures out in the wild
    - It is a great way to get some exercise, work your brains and see your local neighbourhood.

Take photos of your adventures. Keep a journal as well so you remember what you discovered.

2. Enjoy a fancy picnic

You can feast upon delicacies, partake in wonderful drinks and enjoy the great outdoors. Find a local park you discovered when you went sightseeing, or even have a picnic in your own backyard.

Take the time to pack a picnic lunch and go all out finding delicacies. Cold meats, tasty salads, the freshest of breads as well.

Bring a bluetooth or wireless speaker with your for some chill tunes. Pack some sunscreen and sunglasses. Kick your shoes off, put on a summery hat and enjoy your day. Remember the picnic rug.

3. Unplug

Turning off technology, switching off the smart phone and all your social media, can be a wonderful way to unwind, relax and really make good use of your time out.

The hyper-connectivity of our world right now can be stressful and addictive. Alerts from Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat and TikTok and Email. It can be never ending and distracting.

There was a phrase born from our time in lockdown- doom scrolling. This is where you don’t know what to do with yourself, so you scroll through social media and end up reading nothing but bad news. This is not good for your mental health.

During your Staycation, try switching it all off and unplugging yourself from your technology.

Read a book. Get some arts and crafts supplies from The Reject Shop and do some drawing, or some painting. How about a pen and notebook to start a journal, or write a letter to a friend.

4. Have a Spa Day

This is where you pamper yourself, relax and just let the good salts into your body.

A facial scrub perhaps? Deep moisturising treatment for your feet? Indulge yourself, you absolutely deserve it.

Get a massage, play some soothing music. Treat yourself and your body to some healing minerals.

5. Pool Party

Water sports in the Aussie backyard is a must every year. The Reject Shop has many great products to make your pool the place to be.

Kids who are new to the pool, we have for them a brightly coloured swim ring and some goggles to protect their eyes from the water

If you don’t have a pool then running under the sprinkler is the next best thing and is as Australian as snags on a BBQ.

Grab one of these fun sprinklers to run through and this mini vortex ball to play with on the back lawn. Challenge your friends to a game of vortex football!

Remember to cover up with sunscreen when playing outdoors.

6. Camp in your own backyard

This is a really fun thing to do with your kids. Set up your tent in the backyard and camp out. No phones, no TV, just a campfire, being very careful, toasting marshmallows and telling scary stores. If you're lacking sticks to poke your massive marshmallows on, never fear, these very cool Trail Mate Marshmallow Roasters are here to save the day!

When it's finally time to go to sleep, we have a sleeping bag for you and an LED torch for those night time runs to the loo.

7. Movie Night

This is a really simple thing to do with family friends, but also a chance for popcorn, party foods and classic films.

Need snacks? The Reject Shop has you covered. Chocolate? Check. Chips? Check. Party lollies? Yes please!

You can have blockbuster film nights, themed nights, such as horror, romantic comedy or road trip films. Why not try a Director's Cut Trilogy marathon?

Invite your friends, have Movie Trivia games involving the film and actors you're watching. Get some prizes, make it more than just watching a film.

8. Catch up on reading

Slow the pace right down and pick up a good book. Make yourself a perfect reading nest, with comfy pillows, a good supply of tea and biscuits, and no interruptions.

Time will fly when you bury yourself into a good book

9. Take a class

There is a wealth of online classes you can take to learn something new like a new hobby or a new skill. You can scan Youtube for free classes, or find some online courses. Learning a new skill, gaining knowledge, is empowering and can set you off on a journey of discovery and ideas for years to come.

10. Make something

Did that class you just took want you to make something? The staycation is the perfect time to do so. Give something a go. Bake something, cook a feast with herbs and spices you might never have thought of. Cooking something Indian, Mexican, or something spicy from our Asian neighbours.

Build a cubby house, make a painting? Get your kids involved! Building something, creating it and finishing it gives you a wonderful sense of achievement and completion. You can proudly say — I made this!

The fun can go on for you this summer even if you can’t get away from home, and The Reject Shop is here to help you save more with your Staycation. They’re easy to plan, give you more time to relax with less travel time, and you can save a pile of money.

Enjoy your 2020/21 Staycation with The Reject Shop!

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