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Cheap Halloween Costumes on a Budget

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Cheap Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Discover fun and affordable Halloween costume ideas at The Reject Shop. Dress to impress this Get ready for the spine-tingling excitement of Halloween! The spooky season is just around the corner, and the thrill of donning a creative costume is bubbling over. But here's a secret: you don't need a treasure chest to create a costume that steals the show. While you could be forgiven for thinking jaw-dropping outfits demand a big budget, the truth is far from it. 

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18 Feb 2024

Embrace the joy of the season, channel your inner DIY spirit, and craft a memorable ensemble without emptying your cauldron of coins. From classic characters to imaginative mash-ups, the options are endless. So, get ready to shine without shelling out. This Halloween, let your costume be the talk of the town without a frightful price haunting you!

Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s time to gather your crew and unleash your creativity with these fun and cheap Halloween costume ideas that can unite families and friends in spooky style!

You might not have to look too far for inspiration. Transforming old clothing or household items can give you the good bones of your outfit. Then picking up some super affordable accessories or crafty tools at The Reject Shop can help you achieve your Halloween look in a flash.

Ghost Costume

Summon the spirits with a spooky classic ghost costume. It’s a creepy crowd-pleaser! Start with an old white sheet.

Carefully cut out eye holes and gently fray the edges, adding an eerie aged touch to your apparition. Layer it over white or light-coloured clothing to complete the ghostly visage, and to truly embody the ethereal, apply pale makeup that will create a spectral presence, ensuring you send shivers down spines as you float through the night. Makeup kits at The Reject Shop are perfect – available in a range of spooky hues.

Mummy Costume

Wrap yourself in history as a mummy. Raid your linen closet for white sheets or old bandages, and wind them in a criss-cross pattern around your body, leaving enough space to shuffle and scare. 

Use dark makeup to create a dusty, ancient appearance, making you look like giving the impression you've just emerged from the tomb. Stagger your steps for maximum mummy authenticity. With this eerie ensemble, you'll transport Halloween revellers back to the days of freaky pharaohs and pyramids.

Skeleton Costume

Unleash your inner bone collector with a classic skeleton costume that's both chilling and creative. Begin with a basic black outfit such as a black long-sleeve shirt and leggings. Now, let the artistic fun begin! Use white paint, tape, or even glued-on felt cut-outs to meticulously craft your skeletal design. If you’re time-poor, you can easily grab a ready-to-rattle skeleton costume from The Reject Shop! Adult size is $12, kids’ size just $9.

Black Cat Costume

To create the purr-fect black cat costume, you can again start with a black outfit. Find a comfortable black shirt and pants or a slinky black dress. For the signature cat ears, grab a headband and attach black felt or cardboard triangles. Paint on a nose and whiskers with black face paint or eyeliner. Don't forget a sleek tail made from black fabric, or maybe consider stuffing the leg of black pantihose. Finish with black gloves and tights. With a little creativity, you'll embody feline mystique that's both classic and charming.

Superhero Costume

Don a cape, strike a pose, and channel your inner hero with a superhero costume. Whether you're harnessing the might of Thor or the agility of Spider-Man, finding the right outfit base is crucial. Raid thrift stores for colourful pieces that mimic your character's outfit, and craft simple accessories with cardboard and metallic paint. 

Finally, complete your transformation with hair styling and makeup. With a dash of creativity and a whole lot of supercharged energy, you'll be the Halloween hero that leaves an indelible mark on the festivities.

Pirate Costume

Create the perfect pirate costume with some re-purposed treasures. Start with a white or striped shirt paired with rugged well-loved pants and add some swashbuckling flair with a bandana. Don't forget the essential pirate props: A great range of accessories are available at The Reject Shop!

Complete your look with smudged eyeliner for a rugged, seafaring vibe. With a little creativity and minimal expense, you'll be ready to commandeer the Halloween festivities!

And More… 

Don’t limit your imagination! Explore endless possibilities like mad scientists, mythical creatures, or historical figures. The key is to have fun and get creative. Raid your wardrobe, visit thrift shops, and experiment with makeup to create characters that breathe life into the night.

Halloween Costume Hacks

Remember, it's the little details that bewitch. Accessorise your chosen look with jewellery, hats, wigs, and cosmetics to elevate your costume from ordinary to extraordinary. Grabbing the scissors and getting crafty with some readily available art supplies can also add low-cost wow-factor!

Reuse, Recycle, Revamp

This Halloween, as we revel in the eerie excitement, let's show our planet that it's not the one that should be scared! Embrace the art of spooktacular sustainability by reusing and revamping costumes from previous years. It's not just wallet-friendly; it's also a gesture of kindness to our environment. 

Dust off those old treasures and reimagine them with a fresh twist. Fuse multiple genres. Try setting a particular character in an unexpected historical era. That pirate costume? Give it a haunted makeover with ghostly face paint and a tattered scarf. 

The classic witch ensemble? Turn it into a wicked modern witch with edgy accessories and bold makeup. By conjuring new life from the past, we're treating ourselves and the planet to a Halloween that's both enchanting and eco-conscious.

Budget-Friendly Ensemble Ideas

At The Reject Shop, you can explore a treasure trove of affordable Halloween accessories, as well as convenient ready-to-wear costumes, perfect for mixing and matching. Fan favourites such as spooky masks, quirky hats, and eerie makeup kits allow you to customise your look or create DIY Halloween costumes for less. And don't forget versatile basics like capes, wigs,  funky tights jewellery, press-on nails and novelty headbands that add extra personality to any outfit. 

With these affordable gems, you can concoct a myriad of magical options. Let your imagination run wild and your wallet breathe a sigh of relief!

Ready to Craft a Spooky Look on a Budget?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create thrilling memories this Halloween; unleash your creativity and embrace the joy of dressing up, all while saving money for other adventures. 

As you craft your spooky ensemble, remember that the essence of the season lies in the fun, the frights, and the fantastic feeling of becoming someone—or something—else, even if just for a night. So, dive into The Reject Shop’s world of affordable Halloween costumes and accessories, and let the spirit of this wickedly wonderful Halloween season guide your choices. Enjoy more fun for less, with guaranteed scary low prices.

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