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Crafting a DIY Easter Bonnet with your kids

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Crafting a DIY Easter Bonnet with your kids

Easter is more than eating loads of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. It’s a chance to take a break, hang with family and friends and have adventures hunting for eggs in the garden. It’s a chance to get creative with your kids. A great way to do that is through making a Easter bonnet together. It’s a fun activity which won’t break your bank.

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The Reject Shop

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31 Jul 2023

Easter Bonnets from The Reject Shop

We have a variety of Easter Bonnet's you can make with your kids.

Paper Bonnet

A great DIY Bonnet is our Paper Bonnet. This is a $2 pack which includes a paper bonnet, and a large range of stickers and other bright things you can use to decorate. As well as the stickers and artistic items included in the pack, you can take it to the next level with paints and brushes, or other decorative ideas you’ll read about later on. We have acrylic paints for you to choose from, bright and colourful and in a pack of 14 for just $5, plus you can grab yourself a pack of 12 paint brushes for only $4. If you’re planning a family gathering, with all these paints and brushes, lots of people can get in on the bonnet making fun. Make hats for everyone! Every parent must wear a hat! So much fun to be had.


Straw Bonnet

Another option for getting crafty with an Easter bonnet this year is the straw bonnet we have for you at $2. It’s like a blank canvas waiting for the artist to transform. There are so many ways you and your young ones can decorate these hats. First you may need some crafting supplies:
$4 Craft Glue
$2 Scissors
$2 Double-sided Tape
You could also grab some coloured paper or card from our stationery section if you wished.

Easter Decoration

Easter Shreds: These colourful bags of shreds are what you line gift basket with, to nestle your eggs and bunnies in. Plus, they make great tactile material to stick around your bonnet. Make little nests for some plush chicks, or bunnies and their eggs, all around the brim of your hat.
Easter Foam Cut Outs: Pick up a bag full of foam cut out bunny feet and colourful eggs to stick around your bonnet. Bright colours, glittery stars and hearts and more to razzle and dazzle your friends. See the bunnies and their delicious foam carrot in the image here? How cute does that look? You can grab the carrots in a pack of 3 for just $2.
Easter Sticker Packs: We have loads of sticker books full of cute bunnies, baby chicks and eggs. If you have grabbed multiple bonnets for the kids to decorate, just one of these sticker books would be plenty for them to share and decorate the hats. Look out though! They might start stickering each other as well.

Other Great Decoration Ideas

If you’d like to think outside the box, or Easter basket, have a look at this wonderful bonnet, with a pretty pink and purple ribbon combination, the bunnies and the foam carrot, plus there’s some Easter branches adding a unique, fashionable touch. We have both small branches $2 and large Easter branches $4 to mix up the ideas for your bonnet this Easter.

The Reject Shop has a mind-blowing range of ribbons and bows in store all year round. Bright colours for that sassy flash around the bonnet, perhaps? For Easter we also have some Easter tinsel with sparkly rabbits for $2 and Easter ribbons with colourful egg designs for you. Check out the rolls of Easter ribbon for just $2.50 in store now.

How about tinsel strings hanging from your bonnet, sort of like how drovers hung corks from their hats in the outback? You could even hang eggs from them too!
A little bit different, but how fun would it be to have either bunnies on a stick, or eggs on a stick, poking up like antenna?
Only $2, strange but fun!

As you can see, we have a lot of crafty things for the kids to get their hands on and decorate their bonnets.

What we’ve shown you here is just the tip of the creative iceberg. Click through to our Easter bargains today or drop in store to browse
our craft section. Find cost effective ways to make your dollar stretch further this Easter season to entertain kids and parents alike.

It doesn’t take much money to fire up their imagination and to make them happy. Some tinsel, some glue and some foam cut outs, and
they have their own special hat for the holidays. Plus, as a bonus, you get to have a hat too. You can’t help them without making one for
yourself, can you?

The Reject Shop has all your Easter crafty needs today. Oh, we have chocolate. Did we mention the chocolate?

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