Coconut Fruit Popsicles

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Coconut Fruit Popsicles

Have you noticed that coconuts are really having their moment right now? It’s like move over kale chips and pass me the coconut water / juice / yoghurt / smoothie. They are everywhere. Bet that's how the Victoria's Secret Angels stay in shape. So, if you want to be on trend in the fruit and veggie aisle, plus attempt to be healthy, try these super easy fruit popsicles. The kids will devour them, the other mums will think you’re a little bit brilliant, and you’ll get a kick out of saving money on buying pre-made (and not as healthy) icy poles.

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26 Jul 2023

Supplies needed:

  • *Coconut water 250ml
  • *Icy Pole Holders 4 pack
  • Fresh berries / summer fruits


Step 1

Wash the berries and cut the strawberries in slices.


Step 2

Place the fruit in each Popsicle equally and then top up with coconut water.

Tip: Allow enough room to pop the lid in.



Step 3

Freeze for about 6 hours.

Step 4

Loosen from holder pack by allowing some warm water to dribble over it.

Step 5

Remove and enjoy summer on a stick!







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