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DIY Easter Pocket Letters

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DIY Easter Pocket Letters

When I first heard of The Reject Shop’s #Bloggeroftheseason competition I thought I may as well throw my hat, or my craft as it may actually be, into the ring. After all, it is a perfectly good excuse for a spot of shopping and a bit of Easter craft fun. Today I thought I would come to you with something that has been flooding the craft and snail mail world over the past year, and how a little bit of savvy shopping can go a long way. Not only that, but I will give you some ideas on how you and your family could actually use these this Easter. So, what exactly am I rabbiting on about, after all that? Pocket Letters of course.

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31 Jul 2023

Supplies needed:

  • Trading card page protectors
  • Paper
  • Embellishments – this is where the fun comes in. (You can really let your imagination run wild and look at things in different ways than what they were originally intended for.)
  • Scissors and adhesive

I had such a hard time choosing and went a little overboard, you could easily just buy one of the sticker packs, one of the foam shape packs and then paper.

The good thing about pocket letters is you are really only limited by your imagination, using as much or as little as you want.

One of my favourite and yet, incredibly simple to create pockets here, is my DIY bunny.

All you need to do is collect the foam sticker rabbit head and Easter egg for the rabbit's body and add a pom pom (existing craft supplies) for the bunny tail.

This technique also works really well to make a quick little Easter card for your kid.

This pocket letter largely focuses on using my paper and the sticker sheets for the embellishments.

My favourite pockets are:

What exactly did I use for most of the embellishments here? Paper of course! The two grey bunnies, the owl and the little enchilada I cut out of a piece of paper. If you choose the right paper pad, you can get so much more out of it than just backing paper. (If you didn't notice, I also played with this technique in the first pocket letter.) For example I used the left over paper used from the owl paper in particular the tiny tree branch and elongated the branch to overlap onto the next little pocket so it continues the story. Now, all that was applied to the right pocket was an extra foam sticker. Simple!

What do you have that can be used in a different way? Using paper for your embellishments is one way to stretch your craft budget. The idea with pocket letters is you put little items in the back of the pockets to share with your recipient along with of course, an actual letter or card. I kept mine quite simple.

For your kids or grandkids, you can share some of the leftovers from the creation of the pocket letter. Here I have included the stickers - cut down to fit into the pocket and put some table scatters into a bag. In addition to this I have turned left over foam shapes into a paper clip.

The adhesive in these foam shapes is so strong, that I did not even need to use glue. All I did was use two of the foam shapes and put the paper clip in the middle like a sandwich.

Another great idea for these pocket letters is to have your kids make some to send to Grandparents or Aunts, Uncles and Cousins this Easter. Instead of the craft goodies in the pockets, you could include a note from the kids, drawing/s from them, and current photos. A great way for the kids to not only keep themselves entertained one weekend in the lead up to Easter, but loved ones get a little something from them which they can treasure for years to come.

If the kids have a pet that loves to help, you can even include an in process photo in the pockets, something just like this one:

My cat thought photo time, was actually sit on my lap 'time'.


This post is written by #bloggeroftheseason winner Michelle.

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