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DIY Personalised Snack Bags

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DIY Personalised Snack Bags

Summer holidays are here and that also means sleepover season. When the kids and their mates eat their body weight in junk food, you turn a blind eye, they stay up till the wee hours of the morning (ear plugs are very handy), then wake up around midday, ravenous wanting to watch re-runs from last night’s movie marathon. Well, rather than spend your shoe allowance on pre-made lolly bags, make the kids one each. This is such an easy DIY and it only takes minutes - plus it will make the kids will feel very spesh! Now it's time to get creative!

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31 Jul 2023

Supplies needed:


Step 1

Stencil and cut shapes for each kid coming round for the sleepover .


Step 2

Write the names of the kids on each tag and clip them to the paper bag using the paper clips.

Step 3

Fill the bags with popcorn/treats and hand out to each of the kids on arrival.


Step 4

Grab your remote, close the door, look fondly at your earplugs and tub of your secret stash of goodies. You’re awesome.

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