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How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro


How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro

Get ready to deck the halls and make your home merry and bright with our guide on how to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro! From choosing the right ornaments to ensuring your tree stays dazzling all season long, we've got you covered. In this article, we'll delve into the art of Christmas tree decorating, sharing essential tips and tricks for stunning results. We'll also help you prepare for decoration, offer maintenance tips, and provide a step-by-step guide to create a festive masterpiece. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, let's dive into the world of Christmas tree decorations and make your tree shine.

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15 Nov 2023

Essential Preparations for Christmas Tree Decorating

Selecting the Right Tree

In order to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro, you’ll need to make sure you’ve selected the perfect tree. Real or artificial, the decision is all yours. Real trees bring that natural scent and charm, while artificial ones offer durability and easy setup. Consider your space, budget, and maintenance preferences to pick the ideal tree for you. 

Gathering Supplies

Before you begin decorating your Christmas tree, make sure to gather essential supplies like ornaments, lights, hooks, garlands, a trend skirt or stand and a tree topper. It's crucial to have a plan in mind for a well-coordinated look. The Reject Shop offers a wide range of Christmas supplies, including Australian-style Christmas tree decorations, making it convenient to find everything you need for your Aussie holiday season set-up. 

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Decorating Your Christmas Tree Step-by-Step

Tree Preparation 

To prep your Christmas tree for decoration, give your artificial tree a little TLC by fluffing and shaping its branches for a fuller look. For real trees, keep them fresh by watering regularly and trimming any uneven branches. 


When stringing lights on your Christmas tree, start from the top and work your way down, wrapping lights around the branches for an even glow. Always test lights beforehand to ensure they're working correctly. Properly lit lights add warmth and magic to your tree, creating a festive atmosphere.

Layering and Filling 

Transforming your Christmas tree into a showstopper involves artful decoration layering. To add depth and dimension, strategically place ornaments, garlands, and tinsel. Mix and match various styles and sizes of decorations for a harmonious display.

DIY Decorations  

Crafting homemade Christmas tree decorations adds a personal touch to your holiday décor. Consider DIY ornaments using salt dough, felt, or recycled materials. Incorporate family photos, names, or special messages to create personalised treasures that celebrate your unique traditions and make your tree truly special.

Balancing Colours and Themes

Choosing a colour scheme or theme for your Christmas tree sets the tone for a cohesive look. Start with a base colour and add complementary shades. Incorporate various textures and sizes of decorations for balance. You can also explore ready-made Christmas tree decoration sets to effortlessly achieve a coordinated and harmonious design.

Placement and Symmetry 

To create a visually pleasing Christmas tree, evenly distribute ornaments for symmetry and balance. Start by spacing out the largest ornaments, then fill gaps with smaller ones. Step back and adjust as needed, ensuring decorations are well-distributed for a balanced display.  


Expert Tips for a Professional Finish

Using Ribbon and Bows 

Ribbons and bows can add elegance and flair to your Christmas tree décor. Try techniques like weaving ribbon vertically or horizontally through the branches for a cascading effect. Bows, strategically placed, enhance the overall aesthetic and bring a touch of sophistication to your tree, elevating its festive charm.

Adding Tree Toppers 

Selecting a tree topper is the pinnacle of Christmas tree decoration. Options range from classic stars and angels to creative, personalised designs. Ensure a secure attachment using a sturdy tree topper holder or by firmly wiring it to the tree's highest point. This adds an enchanting highlight to your tree.

Incorporating Natural Elements

Infuse your tree with the beauty of the outdoors by incorporating natural elements. Turn things like pinecones, berries, and sprigs of evergreen branches into a Christmas tree decoration with rustic charm. Consider adding dried oranges or cinnamon sticks for a delightful fragrance. These natural touches create a cosy, woodland-inspired ambience.

Tree Skirts and Stands 

An attractive tree skirt or stand is not just a practical choice; it's a finishing touch that elevates your Christmas tree's overall look. It conceals unsightly tree stands and adds a polished, cohesive appearance to your holiday décor. Choose one that complements your tree's style and enhances your festive display.

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Maintaining and Enjoying Your Beautiful Tree

Final Touches and Maintenance

To maintain a beautiful Christmas tree, focus on those finishing touches that perfect its appearance. Regularly check lights and ornaments for any issues and make necessary adjustments. Keep your tree well-watered, ensuring it remains fresh and vibrant throughout the holiday season. Vacuum fallen needles and periodically fluff branches to maintain the tree’s fullness. By taking care of these details, your tree will continue to shine as the centrepiece of your Christmas tree decorations. 

Tree Care and Safety

For a real tree, freshness and safety are key. Keep it hydrated by ensuring the water level never falls below the base of the trunk. Place it away from heat sources and use LED lights to prevent overheating. Trim any dry branches and keep an eye out for signs of dryness. Artificial trees need a different kind of care – store them properly when not in use, avoiding damp areas to prolong their lifespan and maintain their fire-resistant properties.

Showcasing Your Tree 

To showcase your Christmas tree, consider placing it near a window for a magical glow that welcomes both guests and passersby. Create a festive ambience by arranging wrapped presents beneath it, adorning nearby surfaces with holiday décor, and adding comfy seating nearby for gatherings. Accentuate the tree's beauty with soft, ambient lighting and a tree skirt that complements your décor theme, ensuring it becomes the heart of your festive space.

Taking Stunning Photos 

When capturing the beauty of your Christmas tree decorations, pay attention to photography basics. Use good lighting, ensuring that you avoid harsh flashes, in order to preserve the tree's ambience. Experiment with angles to showcase its height and ornaments. Close-up shots of ornaments or wide-angle views capturing the entire room add variety. Don't forget to set the focus and exposure manually if your camera allows for more control over the shot.

Transform Your Tree Like a Pro with The Reject Shop

As you embark on your journey of decorating your Christmas tree, remember that it's all about creativity, joy, and making memories. From selecting the perfect tree to the final ornaments, each step is an opportunity to express your Christmas spirit. So, go ahead and deck those halls with festive flair! And if you're looking for a wide range of Christmas supplies, including ornaments and décor, don't forget to explore The Reject Shop's Christmas collection. It’s safe to say we have everything you need to make this holiday season truly magical. Happy decorating!

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