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Pocket Letter Tutorial

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Pocket Letter Tutorial

We've teamed up with Alisha May, creator of the gorgeous Instagram account @lovelettergeneration, who has created for us a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to make the perfect pocket letter. For those of you who don't know, pocket letters are a cute way to send letters to your new or existing pen pals (yes, this is still a thing and we love it!) and for those of you who simply don't know where to start this new/desired hobby of yours, follow the steps below, get creative and you'll be a pocket letter pro in no time...

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1 Aug 2023

Step 1

Prepare all the items that you will need which can be purchased from The Reject Shop:


Step 2

Using the journal cards, place into the plastic pockets of your choice.


Step 3

Place die cuts onto desired area, either onto the journal cards, or on top of the plastic pocket without sticking them down permanently.



Step 4

Add stickers to desired area. Once again, without sticking them down permanently.


Step 5 

Once you are happy with the positions of your die cuts, attach them down using double sided tape.


Step 6

Using the tassels, attach to the pocket page with twine, or a keychain.


Step 7

Place a letter, stickers, diecuts, washi samples, paperclips, into the back of the pockets for your pen pal .

There you have it, your pocket letter is now complete and ready to send off to that special pen pal or maybe just pop on your shelf to admire for a little while longer first.


A little about Alisha...

We asked Alisha about how her love for snail mail and creating beautiful letters and cards began and here's her story:

"I first began my snail mail journey years ago, when my husband, kids and I moved to a small country town. Being a stay at home mum and not knowing anyone, I decided that it would be nice to meet people via Instagram. One day, when the postman came to deliver and to find it was just the usual bills and junk mail, I decided then and there that I would really love to send and receive pretty things in the mail. Using my Instagram account, I published a post asking if any other people would like to send and receive mail too. That day, I received four replies from some lovely ladies wanting to be my pen pal, one of which became a very close friend.  Now, six years later, I have fifteen pen pals from around the world. I find that I become more and more creative as the years go by. I truly love what I do and I've met some of the most beautiful people through this hobby." - Alisha @lovelettergeneration

Now it's your turn to get creative! We'd love to see what you create so share your images via InstagramFacebook, or Twitter, tag us and #getsavvy.


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