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Lowest Price Guarantee

At The Reject Shop we're committed to helping all Australians save money every day. And with that purpose in mind and on the odd occasion when another Australian retailer has a lower price, we are now offering a Lowest Price Guarantee.

This is a simple process, and is eligible where the following occurs:

  • That the products are in stock and available in-store at another Australian retailer (even if it is on sale) in the required quantities wished to be purchased.
  • Where another Australian retailer's price is lower than our price (including any delivery costs or charges), we will beat it by 10%.
  • The other Australian retailer must be located in the same State as the store where the purchase is taking place
  • The other Australian retailer must be advertising the lower price on the same same of purchase, and
  • That the products and price occurs on "like for like" products. This means that the product needs to be identical to the product sold by The Reject Shop (i.e. the same brand, same model and same colour).
  • Should the guarantee be applicable, The Reject Shop reserves the right to limit sales to reasonable retail quantities.

Questions and Answers

Does the Lowest Price Guarantee match 'percent discount' offers?

Yes, where the product meets the above criteria. The Reject Shop will match the competitor price after the competitor's discount has been applied.

What's the process to secure the Lowest Price Guarantee?

Prior to making your purchase, please take the chosen product, together with proof of the lower priced competitor pricing to the register area to have the price verified by one of our team members. Once verified, the 10% discount will be applied to the lower price identified, on the selected product only. The purchase must be made at that time and in the store.

What proof do we require of the lower competitor price?

Catalogue clippings, advert(newspaper or magazine), social media advert, screenshot of competitor's advertisement, online advert or digital catalogue, competitor website showing in-store price, or a customer photo from an eligible competitor store of the identical stock product at the time of purchase in-store.

What product or retailers are excluded from the Lowest Price Guarantee?

We will not match online only offers, online retailers, clearance or warehouse outlets prices; iTunes vouchers and gift cards; Retailers that are based or priced in another State. This is because some jurisdictions have State specific taxes (eg. soft drink taxes: prices in Victoria are usually lower than New South Wales); Pricing errors.

Can I return a product under TRS's returns policy and then claim the Lowest Price Guarantee on the same product?