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Competition and Consumer Act 2010 Compliance Policy

The Reject Shop is committed to compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, standards and codes.
Compliance with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 is especially important, and includes:

  •   Product quality control
  •   Honesty in pricing and promotions
  •   Fair treatment of customer complaints

Products: We are committed to ensuring our products will be fit for purpose, compliant to Australian regulations and standards and safe to use.

Honesty: Any claims we make must be truthful and capable of substantiation.

Complaints: We have a hassle-free refund and exchange policy on proof of purchase.

Team members must not breach or be involved in, authorise or condone any breaches of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

If a team member suspects a Competition and Consumer Act 2010 breach, they must report the matter to their Manager or Compliance Manager and they will be protected against any repercussions.

Disciplinary action may be taken if an employee fails to follow instructions with regard to compliance.

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