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All deliveries must be booked minimum 2 weeks prior to actual delivery. Deliveries without a booking will not be accepted or unloaded.
When booking a delivery the following information must be supplied:

  • Vendor’s name
  • Purchase order number
  • Number of pallets to be delivered
  • Total Units to be delivered per line

All deliveries must be available from the date stated on the Purchase Order. Any variations to this must be agreed to by the relevant Buyer prior to booking.

To arrange a booking, please email or phone:


Only the products and quantities stated on the Purchase Order will be accepted. A separate invoice and correctly completed pallet dockets (as per Pallet Transfer Policy below) must accompany all deliveries.
Inner and outer cartons must comply with the following:

  • Inner/outer pack quantities must be consistent with the Purchase Order;
  • Inner/outer cartons must be of consistent product and quantity; and
  • Cartons must be packed in a manner which will sufficiently protect the selling unit.

Merchandise must be delivered on pallets consistent with the following:

  • Standard Loscam or Chep pallets will ONLY be accepted (No plain pallets);
  • No pallet exchanges – e.g. must have a Chep or Loscam account;
  • Each pallet must be stacked no higher than 1.4m from ground level;
  • One line per pallet (Mixed pallets will be rejected);
  • All complete pallets must be of a consistent quantity and dimension;
  • Only one part pallet per product will be accepted.
  • No pallets are to be wrapped in black plastic

Deliveries will have a 1 hour delivery window (30 mins either side of your booked time). If you cannot meet this you must call prior to delivery to inform the Distribution Centre and reschedule.
Hours of receiving are between 6am and 2pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays).

Pallet Transfer Policy

  • Chep and  Loscam  pallet movement dockets must have the date as the date the pallets arrive at our Distribution Centre
  • TRS name and account number are to be completed in full and correct
  • All pallet dockets will not be accepted if they have the incorrect information
  • TRS have a 30 day delay pallet account. Any transfers greater than 30 days from the ‘movement date’ will not be accepted without written supporting documentation for consideration by TRS and if agreed, will be processed as at the time of enquiry.
  • TRS will not process hire pallet transfer requests received 90 days after the initial transaction date.
  • Defective pallets will be rejected for any of the following reasons:
    1.    Unclean
    2.    Forgeries
    3.    Missing or damaged boards or bearers
  • Pallets with defective or non-compliant stock directed to be returned to supplier, will need to seek direction from the TRS DC representative.
  • The Reject Shop will only accept the transfer of good quality CHEP or Loscam wood pallets onto its accounts. The transfer of other CHEP or Loscam equipment will not be accepted. Plain pallets are not returned or exchanged.
  • Pallets may only be exchanged by prior agreement between trading partners. Pallets must be in a good and undamaged condition.
  • Trading Partners must maintain active Pallet Accounts otherwise other arrangements will need to be made prior to delivery to DC. 
  • Claims: The Sending Trading Partner is to provide satisfactory evidence of the transfer of pallets. The Reject Shop will assist in investigating claims up to three months old upon receipt of satisfactory documentary evidence provided by the Sending Trading Partner. Any claim agreed to within three months will be honoured effective as at the transaction date (no delays).


The cost stated on the Purchase Order will be the cost paid for goods received.
If you have any queries regarding the price, please contact the appropriate Buyer prior to booking.

Cost Recovery

TRS reserves the right to recover costs associated with the failure by a supplier to meet these and other requirements at time of delivery.

Delivery Addresses

Truganina DC(VIC):
The Reject Shop Ltd, 2 National Drive, Truganina VIC 3029
Ph: (03) 8340 4832
Fax: (03) 8340 4820

Ipswich DC(QLD):
The Reject Shop Ltd, 1 Ashburn Road, Bundamba QLD 4304
Ph: (07) 3280 4952
Fax: (07) 3280 4987

Hazelmere DC (WA):
The Reject Shop Ltd, 23 Ulm Place, Perth Airport WA 6105
Ph: (08) 9378 5156
Fax: (08) 9378 5158

Delivery Standards

If you have any queries with respect to delivery standards, please contact:

Truganina DC: Inbound Manager, (03) 8340 4832

Ipswich DC: Inbound Manager, (07) 3280 4939

Hazelmere DC: Receiving Team Leader, (08) 9378 5181